We love football. That’s why we spend countless hours studying the All-22, diagramming plays, and writing about it. We want to know what actually happened between the white lines and share that with you. Then we want to hear what you think, like we’re sitting in a bar or in the stands and watching together. Tell us we’re right, tell us we’re idiots, and everything in between. That’s why we started Football Film Room.

Why Substack?

This Newsletter is a continuation of a website we started several years ago (FootballFilmRoom.com). The idea is to have similar content that is brought directly to you. We’re hoping to create a community and engage more with our readers on Substack, something that will be easier to do than on a traditional website.

To be able to create more content, we needed to move to a paid-subscriber model. We didn’t want to start filling up our breakdowns with annoying ads that disrupt the reading experience, so we decided that subscriptions were the best way to go.

We truly appreciate your support of our content.

What Will You Get by Subscribing?

We provide NFL game recaps, previews, opinions, and analysis, all of which are primarily based on dissecting the All-22 coaching film. We also provide head-to-head statistical breakdowns of each matchup every week with our “How They Match Up” posts.

Whether you are a diehard, a casual fan, an avid fantasy football player, or just want to know what happened on Sunday, you can find in-depth analysis of the strategy and execution that takes place between the white lines.

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Former Producer on the NFL Matchup Show; Former College QB

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